ProVia Stone Products

Product Features

  • Fully certified stone
  • Industry leading Limited lifetime warranty
  • ProVia stone adds value to your home
  • ProVia stone is affordable

ProVia Stone® is a lightweight concrete veneer product, designed for cosmetic use on indoor or exterior walls in both residential and commercial applications. The product is intended for non-structural use, and because of its light weight, requires no additional footings. ProVia Stone® veneer is easy to install and can be applied to almost any load-bearing wall, wood frame, steel, or masonry. A blend of Portland cement, lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments make up ProVia Stone® veneer products. ProVia Stone® produces its own molds using natural stone. These molds, in remarkable detail, capture the look, feel and texture of natural stone and are used to cast Heritage Stone® veneer products. For a FREE no obligation consultation, please give us a call at 620-663-1269 or Contact Us.


Through years of experience, innovation and artistic excellence -
ProVia's Stone collections provide enduring beauty that reliably
withstands the elements.

Deep Undercuts

Capturing drama through shadows created by deep undercuts is a technique that produces stone collections of lasting beauty and realism.

Lush Colors

From richly textured surfaces to artistically infused colors including
ochers, umbers, plums, and russets - ProVia Stone Collections add warmth
and beauty to any home.

Product Features

  • Fully certified stone
  • Industry leading Limited lifetime warranty
  • ProVia stone adds value to your home
  • ProVia stone is affordable

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Maintenance Information

Most applications require little to no maintenance. Exterior applications where excessive dust or dirt accumulates should be washed down occasionally.


Do not pressure wash, sandblast, use wire brushes or acids for cleaning. If mortar dripping occurs, use a wet sponge within 4 hours of grouting. After 48 hours, it may be cleaned with a mild solution of warm water and tri-sodium phosphate. First, wet the wall thoroughly with water. Second, scrub the wall with T.S.P. solution using a still plastic brush. Finally, rinse the wall thoroughly. If you need further assistance, call us at 620-663-1269.


Efflorescence is a white residue that sometimes appears on masonry surfaces. As moisture makes its way through concrete, from the inside out, it may bring with it any soluble salts residing in the concrete or mortar. When the moisture evaporates it leaves the soluble salts on the masonry surfaces. To clean efflorescence off of a masonry surface, mix 1 part white vinegar to 5 parts clean water. With a soft bristled brush lightly scrub the masonry surface with the water/vinegar mixture. Do not use acids, power washing equipment or other cleaning agents to remove efflorescence.
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