Window Condensation

It’s true that most of us see condensation every day, whether it’s ice or dew.

We see it on our vehicles if left outside and we see it on exterior products on homes.

Spring, fall, and winter seasons there are a lot of up and down temperatures so it’s hard to keep the right humidity levels in our homes. Here is a chart that gives some guidance of how much humidity should be inside your house.

Outside Air Temp.Inside 70 Degrees F
+20 degree F35-40 % Humidity
+10 degree F30-35 % Humidity
0 degree F25 – 20 % Humidity
-10 degree F20 – 25 % Humidity
-20 degrees F15 – 20 % Humidity

Condensation is a result of the environment. Too much humidity and a large temperature differential will cause a window to sweat or fog over.

Why on the windows? Excess humidity in the home will cause condensation that will manifest itself on the coldest area which is the window. Keep in mind that windows do not make water however windows reveal what’s in the air.

Taking steps to Reduce Condensation

Check window coverings.  Heavy curtains restrict the flow of warm air over the interior glass surface. Therefore, the glass remains cool and allows condensation to form.

Vent all gas burners and clothes dryers to the outdoors, as water vapor is a by-product of gas combustion.

Replace single-pane windows with insulating glass windows, Single pane are often inadequate – the glass becomes very cold in the winter, allowing moisture, frost and ice to form.

ProVia offers a very high performance glass that will help reduce the condensation in your home with a double-pane and a triple-pane glass that helps reduce the condensation on the windows, as well as keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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