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Why should I buy a door from Pleasantview Home Improvement?

People can go to any big box store and pick up a door that’s cheaper than what we offer at (PHI).

What makes our door different?

There are some very important factors to consider when purchasing a door for your home. First, is the quality of the product in how the door is structurally made for long lasting performance and second, is how the door is fitted into the wall of your home.

We choose the ProVia brand door. This company makes top quality steel and fiberglass entry doors.
Today’s topic will be ProVia’s Legacy 20 gauge steel door. What is it that makes this door different from other doors? Our door 49% more galvannealed steel vs. galvanized steel than most other steel doors. This galvannealed steel will give extra protection against rust.

More steel = More strength. If you knock on a typical 24-gauge steel door hard enough, you can actually dent it. The Legacy 20-gauge steel door is dipped so the entire door is covered, not just sprayed on the exterior side. It’s basically a light commercial door that is used for residential applications. The Legacy door is built to last and resist the typical wear and tear problems you’ll find with other steel doors.

ProVia uses a tab and slot design that is structurally sound and resists delamination. The inside skin and outside skin are interlocked to make the door a one piece unit. Most other steel doors on the market have a crimp on the edge of the door which is filled with polyurethane foam that expands, and holds the skins together. The ProVia door is held together without depending on foam for structure, which means the skins won’t come apart and delaminate.

ProVia doors are also energy efficient: they are foam filled and the top and bottom caps are composite to give rigidity and energy efficiency. Most of our doors are ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED, and if they are not, they can be upgraded with certain options to meet ENERGY STAR criteria.

The ability to customize is one of the sweet spots of purchasing a ProVia door; it’s what sets it apart from other doors. We offer customized doors and sidelite in widths and heights of 1/8” increments. You can also choose different styles for each side of the door. For example, one side can be textured and the other side can be smooth, 6- panel on the one and 2- panel on the other.

Last but not least, in order for this product to last and function well, a lot of attention needs to be given to detail. Each door is carefully tailored and will be handled with care from the time it leaves the factory to the time it’s installed into the wall of the customer’s house.

When you buy a Legacy 20-gauge steel entry door from PHI we want it to be your last door, not you’re next door. It’s an investment in long-term quality that should last for you as long as you own your home!

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