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The Secrets of Great Customer Service

Our goal at Pleasantview Home Improvement is to exceed our customers’ expectations. We realize this is a lofty goal to achieve and sometimes it’s almost impossible to do, however there are certain character qualities that we feel are highly essential in order to achieve our expectations.

1-HONESTY: This is crucial in developing trust with customers. Communication done with honesty builds a foundation of reliability knowing they’ll receive the necessary information and direction to help them. Customers learn they can trust the message received and know we’re working with integrity on their behalf.

2-DEPENDABILTY: Which means we do what we say we’ll do and can be counted on in all situations. Answering calls promptly, returning calls in a timely manner, providing quotes on time and helping customers find the best solution to their problems.

3-KNOWLEDGABLE: We may not always have the answer to our customer’s questions, but we know where to find the answers in an efficient manner. We are always striving to learn as much as possible about the products we carry, get the proper training of how it best serves our customer's needs, and have our highly skilled and trained installers apply the products properly for our customers to enjoy for a long time.

4- CARING ATTITUDE: This is the primary trait that separates great customer service from average customer service. Individuals with a caring attitude have a passion for serving and give close attention to our customer’s questions and seek out options and solutions to satisfy the needs our customers have. Our satisfaction is derived from knowing we’ve given our best in every situation.

We hold these characteristics in the highest regard, and often remind ourselves that these concepts are the key to our company’s success

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